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How to Manage Diet in Hostel or PG | For College Students

How to stay fit and healthy while staying in a PG or Hostel? How to manage diet with low budget? How to stay fit in school? How to stay fit in college? How to stay fit when there is no access to homemade food?

Do these questions bother you? Well, don’t worry my friend. I have few tips for you.

– Make smart choices when you sit in the hostel mess to eat. For example, prefer dal over that oily curry. Whole wheat roti over rice.

– Buy oats. Best thing about them is that you need not cook them. Checkout this healthy breakfast recipe. You can replicate this living in hostel as well.

– Add oats to hot dals and curries. This makes it a great alternative to white rice.

– To fulfill daily protein intake in hostel, request your hostel warden/PG owner to get you boiled eggs. You can pay extra accordingly. Mixing 5-6 egg whites in dals/curries will make them protein rich.
Egg hacks:
– If keeping a kettle is allowed in your hostel/PG, buy it. It will be handy.
Here is the link:

– Similarly, you can get paneer boiled and add it into curries to make them protein rich.

– Eat salads every time you get them.

– Eating healthy fats is not a problem. Nuts, seeds are good options. Checkout this video to know more food options.

– Workout. Now, I have made a workout at home series wherein you can workout in hostel without any equipment. Click the link below.

– Drink enough water. There is a way to drink water as well. Make sure you checkout this video.

– Stay away from junk food. If you can’t get over the junk food cravings. Checkout this video:

– Sleep well at proper timings.

– Do not indulge in smoking or drinking.

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