How to Trim a Brisket! | Chuds BBQ

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In Part 1 of 3 for creating the perfect brisket I give you the most detailed video on trimming a brisket yet.

Insta: chudsbbq

►Full list of things I use and recommend:


►Fogo Charcoal

►Weber Kettle

►Meat Grinder

►Sausage Stuffer

►Meat Mixer

►Chamber Vacuum Sealer

►Sous Vide

►Toaster Oven

►Flame Thrower

►Fire Blower

►Cold Smoker


►Vegi Grill Pan

►Meat Slicer


►Vitamix Blender

►Kitchenaid Mixer

►Food Processor

►Black Pepper

►Beef Tallow

►Wagyu Tallow

►High Temp Cheese

►Pink Salt

►Sodium Citrate

►Hog Casings

►Sheep casings

►Chef Knife

►Boning Knife

►7″ Chef’s Knife

►8″ Chef Knife

►9″ Cimeter Knife

►Bone Saw


►Rub Tub

►Burger Press

►Butcher paper

►Paper stand

►Cutting Board



►Angle grinder

►Grinder Blades

►Chop Saw

►Pipe Level


►Camera Lens


00:00 Introduction
02:02 Tip 1: Remove Deckle Fat
03:12 Tip 2: Clean up the Backside
05:14 Tip 3: Take Down the Fat Cap
06:20 Tip 4: Remove the Mohawk
10:13 Tip 5: Create the Shape
13:10 Bonus: Using the Brisket Trim

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