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dinner for 2 ~ cooking for my neighbor

dinner for 2 ~ cooking for my neighbor z

I invited my neighbor over for dinner and here’s what I made.. Ribeye steak with twice baked potatoes and white asparagus. It’s a really simple recipe that’s perfect for a relaxing night in.

ribeye steak —
I like to heavily season my steak with salt and pepper, then let it sit in the fridge overnight, or at least a few hours. This allows the salt to seep into the meat to make it more flavorful and it also removes moisture for a better sear. I cook it on the fat cap first, then 3 minutes on each side for medium. Also make sure to baste with butter and add garlic if you’d like. Then I tented with aluminum foil to let it rest before cutting.

twice baked potatoes —
Season the outside of your russet potato with olive oil. salt and pepper. Then bake it at 400F until it’s soft enough to pierce with a knife. Remove the insides and make mashed potatoes using butter, milk, and any other dry seasonings of your choice. Stuff it back into the skin, top with cheese and bacon and bake until the top is melted.

white asparagus —
There is soo much flavor leftover in that pan after cooking steak, so don’t waste it. Use it to cook asparagus or any greens of your choice. I like to add a splash of chicken broth to help soften it and release the brown bits from the pan.


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