Hot Honey Candied Bacon Crackers!! These are insanely good!! #shorts

Ive been wanting to try these ever since i saw @ninjacue make them awhile back!

Im a huge fan of Hot Honey anything and figured this would be a perfect opportunity to try out the @cusocuts Hot Honey Rub!

Definitely give these a shot and feel free to experiment a hit! Its a blank canvas with tons of flavor potential and such an easy thing to make for any BBQ or Cookout!!

30 Club Crackers
10 pieces of Bacon cut in 1/3
BBQ rub of choice
4-5 tbsp brown sugar
Hot honey to drizzle @longs.hothoney

Start by preheating your oven or smoker to 350F

Then you can lay out your crackers on a cooling rack that you place on a lined baking sheet. Place a piece of your cut bacon on each cracker before adding your favorite bbq rub.
Then you can too it off with some brown sugar on each cracker.

Now we’re ready to toss these on the smoker/oven for 30 minutes or so! You want the bacon to get crispy and the sugar to caramelize!

Finish them off with Hot honey and call it a day!! @chefcuso

#candiedbaconcrackers #hothoney #appetizer #easyrecipe #cusocuts #candiedbacon

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