Healthy Dessert Recipes | Food Diaries EP 6

Episode 6:
2 Healthy Dessert recipes that will fix your sweet tooth
4 New Recipes for Healthy Meals

Fudgy Brownie Recipe:

1 cup (130 g), Garbanzo Beans (mashed)
3/4 cup, Cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened
1 whole egg
4 ounce, Mashed Banana
3/4 cup, Coconut Sugar
1 tsp, Vanilla extract
1/2 cup, Coconut Oil
1/2 cup, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips

No Bake Cookie Dough:
1 cup, Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal
1/8 cup, Honey
1/8 cup, Coconut Oil
1 oz, Nuts, pecans
1 oz, Enjoy Life Chocolate chips
2 tablespoons, Raw Almond Butter


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