TRAEGER VS WEBER Which Pellet Grill Is Better? | NEW Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Stealth

In this video see me do one of the most requested comparisons – Traeger Ironwood XL Pellet Grill vs Weber Stealth Pellet Grill.

I put both pits to the test and show you every step of the process from unpacking and assembly to cooking and cleaning. Watch till the end to see how these pits match up head to head and decide which one fits your cooking style best.

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00:00 – Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Stealth Pellet Grill
00:39 – Build Quality
02:04 – Features and Specifications
04:26 – Storage Space and Accessories
05:44 – Packaging and Assembly
06:39 – Startup and Burn-Off Process
07:35 – Cooking on the Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Stealth Pellet Grill
09:16 – Cleaning Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Stealth Pellet Grill
09:38 – Final thoughts on the Traeger Ironwood Vs Weber Stealth Pellet Grill

Both Traeger Ironwood and Weber Stealth are well-built, solid pellet grills with a decent amount of cooking space. The Ironwood features a 20 lbs hopper while the Stealth has a 22 lbs one. Each pit also has a low fuel sensor so you don’t have to worry about running out of pellets during the cook.

Traeger Ironwood and Weber Stealth are perfect for those who want a pit with a more modern operating system. The Stealth offers a PID WiFi controller with a temperature range of 200°F to 600°F degrees. The Ironwood has a WiFIRE PID touchscreen controller and a temperature range of 165°F to 500°F. Each brand has its own mobile app that allows monitoring your cook but also adjusts the temperature, set timer and alarm.

The initial startup and burn-off process is easy on both pits. I’d say that the Ironwood and the Stealth smoke a little above the average pellet grill. However, while the Stealth leaks a lot of smoke around the lid, the Ironwood does not leak at all thanks to the built-in gasket.

I also noticed some differences when cooking on Traeger Ironwood vs Weber Stealth. The Ironwood leans more toward the low and slow type of cooking, while the Stealth leans more toward the grilling. The spare ribs cooked on the Ironwood really impressed me with a perfect smoke ring. At the same time, grilled shrimp on the Weber Stealth were hands down the best I had in my life.

Overall, the Weber Stealth is best for someone who does more grilling but wants to start doing a little bit of low and slow cooking as well. The Ironwood will definitely do a great job on both. Despite the differences, I believe both pits are totally worth the investment.




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