3 HEALTHY Dessert Recipes!!! (vegan, low calorie, easy)

All lives can’t matter until #BlackLivesMatter. PLEASE READ!!!

One of veganism’s most revered mantras is being a voice for the voiceless. Veganism isn’t exclusive to animal lives. Right now, fighting for equality for black lives is at the forefront, so that’s who we must stand by, that’s who we must support, they are the voices that we must amplify. It’s not enough to sit in the background and let other people do the work. It’s our job to be extremely ANTI-racist.

Aside from doing everything in my power to fight for the BLM movement, I also recognize that activist burnout exists. Most vegans are familiar with this concept. Being a changemaker can be mentally and emotionally draining. Which is why I still wanted to upload a more lighthearted video this week. While being an activist is necessary, it is still important to take time to meditate, recenter yourself, and implement necessary self care. Dessert brings me happiness, so I hope this video and these recipes can potentially serve as a small rehabilitation from the pain and anxiety happening in the world. I am in NO way lessening the importance of this movement, and continue to better myself and my personal activism everyday. I hope you are doing the same.


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