Meals I Make Again and Again From the Channel

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It was hard to pic a top 5, because I have made so many other dishes more than once but I also wanted to try and give you all a list that included recipes that I think are SUPER easy to replicate, all of these use ingredients that are very accessible and affordable and I think anyone could make!

If you’d like to see another compilation I would be happy to oblige, they give me a little break and it’s fun to walk down memory road!

Recipe and Video:
Dish 1: Mamaliga from Romania (

Dish 2: Cilbir from Turkey (

Dish 3: Isco de Frango from Brazil (

Dish 4: Fire Engine from Bahamas (

Dish 5: Rice Paper Pizza fro Vietnam (

Chili oil link:

00:00 Intro
00:16 Dish 1: Romanian Mamaliga
03:23 Dish 2: Turkish Cilbir
06:15 Surfshark sponsor
07:19 Dish 3: Brazilian Isco de Frango
10:56 Dish 4: Bahamian Fire Engine
14:20 Dish 5 Vietnamese Rice Paper Pizza

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A VERY similar Glass Pot to the one I have:
My little red blender:
Bamboo Cutting Board:
Colorful Ceramic Bowls:
Mini Whisk That Is the Best Whisk:
Silicone Brush:
Small Silicone Spatulas that I Love:
Wooden Spoons:

My Favorite Board Games Right Now
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7 Wonders:

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