Cookie cake: the tasty dessert with chocolate chips!

This tasty chocolate chip cookie cake is a quick and easy dessert to prepare. The preparation is similar to a crumble, but with a delicious addition: chocolate chips. It will look like a giant chocolate chip cookie filled with warm hazelnut cream!

400g flour
150g sugar
150g butter
2 eggs
vanilla essence
400g hazelnut cream
150g chocolate chips

Mix flour, sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla essence. You have to make the dough crumbly not a compact ball of dough. Add the chocolate chips and mix them with the crumble. If you prefer a higher and fluffier result rather than a crispier one you can add one teaspoon of baking powder.
Pour a little more than half of the crumble in a 24cm diameter cake pan, make a border all around and pour in the hazelnut cream. To make this step easier, microwave the cream for one minute. Cover with the remaining crumble and bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. Wait about 10 minutes before cutting it. Serve warm.

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