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The TOP FOODS You Must Eat To Lose Weight & END INFLAMMATION | Jessie Inchauspé

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How many diets have you tried to lose weight? The problem is a lot of these diets are all successful on some level, but not many are effective in keeping the weight off and helping you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle long-term.

Jessie Inchauspie is the Glucose Goddess of Instagram that wrote the international bestseller, Glucose Revolution to address the glucose rollercoaster 80% of people can’t stop riding. In her book she gives practical tips to make lifelong changes that will help you control the glucose spikes affecting your health.

So what are some of the key strategies Jessie points to:
Veggies at the start of your meal
Fiber is super protective when consuming sugars and starches
Changing the order you eat your foods means you can still enjoy sugar

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“My work on teaching people about glucose is not a diet and its primary objective is not fat loss. Its primary objective is to help the 80 odd percent of the population that has glucose spikes everyday avoid those spikes, […] the common consequence is fat loss but that’s not the primary angle we’re going after.”

“The amount of fat you have on your body is not a very good representation of your internal health.”

“In order to lose fat your insulin levels have to be down.”

“Starches and sugars they’re fine to eat but they’re for taste, they’re for pleasure.”

“Fiber is only really useful in the context of other bad stuff you’re eating.”

“Glucose is your body’s preferred energy source, […] Every single living thing on this planet also runs on glucose, from plants, to dolphins to humans.”

“Your muscles are your best friend in this glucose world.”

“The best time to eat a cookie is before you workout.”

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