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Change Your Life With The 12 HEALTHIEST Foods You Should Eat EVERY Morning!

Is avocado on the list? What about yogurt? What makes wild salmon a great breakfast choice? Today we will be talking about all the breakfast foods that guarantee a productive day!

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Intro – 0:00
1. Egg – 00:47
2. Unsweetened Plain Greek yogurt – 01:39
3. Oatmeal – 02:28
4. Nut Butter – 03:11
5. Chia Seeds – 03:56
6. Avocado – 04:40
7. Banana – 05:27
8. Spinach – 06:08
9. Berries – 07:03
10. Sweet Potato – 07:48
11. Black Tea – 08:34
12. Wild Salmon – 09:12


1. Egg
Starting off with one of the most popular and nutritional foods, eggs have been a popular breakfast choice since anyone can remember. Is it worth the hype? Definitely!

2. Unsweetened Plain Greek Yogurt
Yogurt is a great starter for the day. When you think about it, the overwhelming amount of good bacteria is something that first comes to mind. But there’s more benefits than that. Adding yogurt to your breakfast is a good idea, especially for anyone looking to lose a couple of pounds.

3. Oatmeal
Watching your weight? Looking for gluten free breakfast options? Oatmeal is the safest and most nutritious way to go. It has got to be one of the top foods for breakfast. A comforting bowl of oatmeal is a powerhouse of nutrients.

4. Nut Butter
What can’t butter do? Nut butter is delicious, creamy and nutritious made from nuts like almonds, peanuts or walnuts. Filled with the goodness of heart healthy saturated fats and protein, tree nuts in general have been linked with weight loss and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

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