Why use a Water Pan? | Electric Smoker | Barbecue BBQ Cooking Smoker Experiment

In today’s video, I explain why I won’t be using a water pan, discuss the Masterbuilt electric smoker and conduct a fun barbecue BBQ cooking smoker experiment. In your smoker, do you think using a water pan is important or necessary? We know that in order to cook delicious BBQ, cooking over indirect heat is essential. With offset smokers, the heat comes from the side, which is away from the main cooking chamber. This creates natural indirect cooking without having to add any modifications. Some smokers, like my Masterbuilt, come with a water pan. Many BBQ cooking, smoking and grilling experts insist on using a water pan over the fire for smoking, or under the meat. A water pan is supposed to regulate the temperature, add moisture, and improve flavor. But in this video, you will see that I have a different opinion and approach to the use of the water pan for smoking barbecue. If you enjoyed this video where I explain why I won’t be using a water pan, discuss the Masterbuilt electric smoker water pan, and conduct a fun barbecue BBQ cooking smoker experiment, please remember to like, share, subscribe, and leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. We hope to see you here again soon!

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00:15 – The Test
00:14 – The Smokers (Masterbuilt Electric)
01:15 – Starting Smokers
02:40 – Weighing Wood Chips (Oak)
04:14 – Filling Water Pan
06:03 – The Meats (Chuck Roast / Angus) / Seasoning (Salt / Pepper)
07:14 – Test Started
09:27 – First Surprise
13:05 – Smoke/ Vapor Difference
13:55 – Second Surprise
14:48 – Test Smoker – Finished
16:03 – First View – Tender Test
18:12 – Control Smoker – First View
20:00 – Control Smoker – Finished
21:40 – Meat Off
22:10 – Pictures (Finished Product)
30:38 – THE GRAPH

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