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How To Make a Coconut Green Smoothie — Green Smoothies Recipe & Tips

Coconut water and coconut meat is a delicious addition to any green smoothie and Zac loves throwing it into a lot of his creations. In this video, Zac improvises a fairly advanced concoction with a ton of different ingredients. This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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Here’s a complete transcript:

Let’s make a coconut green smoothie. This is a coconut. I’m going to chop it up. Cool. Sometimes, you do it better than that, but it doesn’t matter. That’s the fleshy bit. So what you do is you can cut into that flesh and out comes the liquid. It’s like a brain. So you put all of that in there. That is our base in the smoothie.

Kind of the same thing, it’s going to be green so we’re going to put heaps of greens in it. Last time we put a big handful. Let’s put like a big handful in there again. Put that in. Let’s put in some parsley. Now parsley they say, apparently, is really good for cleansing the liver. I don’t want to use too much, it can overpower the smoothie quite a lot. So let’s use that much. Let’s say a cup. So greens.

Cucumber optional, you don’t have to use a cucumber. These are obviously really small and really nice. Put it in and boom. And kale. So that’s a lot of greens in there. So we are going to make sure that we sweeten this up a lot. Otherwise, it’s going to taste like crap. This is a massive one. All this flesh is awesome. They’re good fats. It’s going help my body have a lot of energy throughout the day. And our body can’t hold onto plant fat anyway. So if you have too much of, it your body gets rid of it pretty easily.

Now, make sure you’re not getting any of the shell because the shell doesn’t taste good at all. Make sure it’s clean and some for yourself. Now, we need some more sweetener so we’re going to go to the freezer again. Let’s use banana and pear. About a whole pear right here, frozen. So instead of using the ice cubes that I used last time, that I should have put back in the freezer, we’re going to use the frozen pears and frozen banana. One frozen banana. And this is manuka honey, very, very yummy and good for you. Let’s put in about, that’s like a teaspoon, like two teaspoons.

Chia seeds, the other good fats. Coconut oil, flax seed oil, chia seeds, these are all good oils and omegas and fats for our body. So instead of like fish oils you can take chia seeds every day. And a tablespoon of chia seeds. Pretty gnarly smoothie, don’t you think?

You can put some more coconut oil in, if you want. It’s totally up to you. A tablespoon of coconut oil. You can’t OD on that stuff. Lid. Let it blend. Ice. Look how smooth it is. That’s how smooth you want it. Still cold. Awesome.

That’s what happens when you don’t put any water in. It’s just coconut water. This is quite thick. It had the coconut meat, the chia seeds, the kale, the spinach, the parsley, the banana, the whole pear, and something else in there as well. It’s very thick. So if it’s too thick, just add in more coconut water or a bit of water in at the end. There you go. There you go. Pretty thick. Just need to add a bit more water in. Up to you. Enjoy.

Banana, dates, whole cucumber, big handful of spinach. What else is going to go in there?

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