3 things I hate about my griddle! And how we fixed them!

We love our griddles. We really do but there are a few design details that really irk me (Nate). In no particular order they are:

1. Undersized grease trap systems
2. The front v Channel that always seems to be full of hot oil
3. No place to scrape the burned food residue off your griddle scraper.

@campchef was kind enough to send us 2 new griddles. We grabbed one and went to work redesigning it to our liking. I have to say. The final product is AWESOME! It’s exactly what I wanted and works amazing. The small details make a big difference, for example being able to empty the grease bin when the griddle is hot…? Oh yeah, we can do that now! A grease trap that is large enough to get your scraper into? Check! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video! Cook on GRIDDLE NATION!

A big THANK YOU to Camp Chef! Hope you enjoy the video!

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