Super Easy Watermelon BBQ Hack

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Today, we’re turning a watermelon into a BBQ smoker. MK # 070

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Melon Prep – 2:01
BBQ Glaze – 6:10
Melon BBQ – 8:49

Step 1: Hollow Out Watermelon & Marinate Wings
* 1 watermelon
* 12 chicken wings
* 2 tsp Salt
* ½ tsp black Pepper
* ½ tsp ground Ginger
* ½ tsp paprika Black pepper
* ¼ tsp cayenne pepper
* 2 Tbsp veg oil

1) Cut the watermelon in half lengthwise and hollow out the pulp so only the rind is left on both sides. Poke holes in the top of one watermelon dome. That’s the lid. Duh. Add the pulp to a fine mesh strainer and let the juice drain into a bowl. Push the watermelon pulp around with a whisk.
2) Add spices and oil to the wings then mix them up. Allow to sit for at least half an hour.

* Knife
* Cutting board
* Chinois
* Large mixing bowl
* Wooden spoon

Step 2: Make The Watermelon BBQ Glaze
* 3 cups watermelon juice
* ½ cup red wine vinegar
* ½ cup honey
* 2 fresno chilies
* ¼ tsp black pepper
* 1 Tsp salt
* Marinated chicken wings

1) Add the watermelon juice to a large pot on high heat along with the rest of the ingredients. Let the mixture boil for 15 minutes, until the chili has softened and the mixture has significantly reduced.
2) Add the hot liquid to a blender, or use a hand blender, to blend it up. Add back into the pot and continue to reduce for 5-10 minutes, until the mixture is the consistency of BBQ sauce.
3) While the sauce is reducing, skewer the chicken wings by threading two soaked BBQ skewers through the thickest part of the meat. Wrap the ends in foil.

* Medium sauce pot
* Hand blender
* Silicone spatula
* 6 soaked wooden BBQ skewers
* Foil

Step 3: Grill and Glaze The Wings
* 2 hollow watermelon halves
* Skewered chicken wings
* Watermelon glaze

1) Heat lump charcoal in a chimney starter, using newspaper underneath to light it.
2) Add soaked mesquite chips to the bottom of the watermelon.
3) When the charcoal is hot, pour it into the watermelon, spread evenly, so the coals are more than two inches below the rim.
4) Add the chicken wings skewers to the watermelon so that the ends are resting on the edges of the melon and the chicken is suspended above the coals. Place the watermelon lid on top.
5) Keep an eye on the heat. You want to cook these over the course of 35-45 minutes, but of the heat is too hot and the wings are burning, splash some water from the wood chips on there. Check on the wings every 5 minutes or so.
6) Turn the wings after the underside and cook for 15 minutes.
7) When the wings are almost fully cooked, brush with watermelon glaze on both sides, and cook for 5-10 more minutes, until the glaze has tightened.
8) Garnish with lime and fresh chilies.

* Watermelon grill
* Chimney lighter
* Heat gloves
* Long lighter
* Newspaper
* Charcoal
* Soaked mesquite chips
* Pastry brush
* Tongs
* Sheet tray

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