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Juicing carrots: best juicers and tips for best yield

Carrots are the most popular vegetable to juice. In this video, we take a look at the different varieties of carrots, tips for the best yield, discuss if peeling is worth it, and test carrots in the four major juicer types.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Wild carrots
2:00 Carrot varieties
2:30 White carrots
2:55 Golden carrot
3:20 Orange carrots
3:40 Purple carrots
4:15 How to select carrots in a store
7:00 What to look for in a carrot
8:50 Preparing carrots for juicing
9:30 Should you peel carrots?
11:00 Cleaning carrots for juicing
12:05 Carrots in a centrifugal juicer
15:30 Carrots in a horizontal juicer
19:25 Carrots in a vertical juicer
22:55 Carrots in a twin gear juicer
25:45 Results
26:50 Taste test

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