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Top 3 Vegetable Juice Recipes for Hair Loss

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Yep, that’s right. Drinking vegetable juices regularly can actually help prevent hair loss. Combine drinking vegetable juice with other tricks and tips discussed on this channel, and you have an even more powerful combination.

The recipes you will learn include:

1. The Almond & Vegetable Juice Recipe For Accelerated Hair Growth

2. Citrus Ginger Blast Cleansing Juice Recipe

3. Fresh Wheatgrass Juice

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Vegetable juices are highly alkalizing. That means they literally change the pH of the cells and fluids inside our bodies.

Another reason that vegetable juice helps with your hair is that is an excellent way to inhibit the enzyme 5 alpha reductase that transforms testosterone into DHT.

As you probably know, DHT is the hormone that is essentially responsible for male pattern baldness.

This is my Will’s perosnal favorite and one that he drinks all the time, maybe 4 days a week on average. Take raw almonds and soak them in water overnight (8 or more hours.) Buy carrots, celery and cauliflower.

The fresher the better, and obviously organic is ideal (and more nutrient dense) but don’t worry if you can’t afford/ find organic.

If you haven’t already got a juicer, you need to get one frankly, if you are serious about reversing hair loss. They’re not that expensive actually. They’re easy to clean and a good one will last a long time.

Start by straining the almonds from the water. Put the almonds through the juicer, making sure you collect the fiber that comes from the back of the juicer. Collect the thick almond ‘cream’ that comes out of the front.

Take the almond fiber and put it in a cheese cloth (net curtain or muslin cloth works as well). Juice the rest of the vegetables into the same container as the almond cream.
The nutrients, oils and minerals from the almonds are specifically added into this juice for their hair growth and health giving properties.



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