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Air Fry TWO Different Foods At the SAME TIME – 8 Hacks to Make it Happen

Did you know you can cook two or more different foods in the air fryer at the same time? YES! Here are 8 different methods to get utilize your air fryer in a way you didn’t know you could! Get my Air Fryer Cheat Sheet β†’

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Fish and Chips: (frozen fish sticks) and (frozen french fries)

Egg Bake and Toast: (egg bake) add toast during last 2-3 minutes

Sausage, Potato, Onion, and Pepper:

Hamburger and Fries: (frozen hamburger patties) and (frozen french fries)

Chicken, Potato, Broccoli:

Steak and Veggies Recipe:

Balsamic Chicken and Veggies (pg. 185):

Pork Chops & Veggies: & cook veggies at 400F/200C for 6-8 minutes

Meatloaf, Veggies, and Potato:

Favorite Meatloaf Recipe:

Air Fryer Cookies:

Air fryer Bacon:

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0:00 How to Air Fry 2 Foods at the Same Time
0:16 Method 1
1:25 Method 2
4:07 Method 3
5:00 Method 4
9:14 Method 5
10:12 Method 6
14:47 Method 7
15:10 Method 8

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