3 EASY Snacks for STUDENTS and OFFICE PEOPLE (High Protein) ✅🌮🥞🥦 #shortsvideo

In the kind of busy lives that we lead today it becomes very important yet equally difficult to involve the right amount of protein in our diets, but worry not, I’m sharing with you today my three quick & easy high protein morning, noon and evening snack recipes that you too can easily whip up on the go with minimum effort!

First in line I’m sharing with you, One of my personal, and all time favourite breakfast, good ol Peanut Butter Toast, with Bananas..! Try it out, it might just become yours too!

– For this quick and easy recipe, all you need is two whole grain or wheat bread slices. A generous Spread My Fitness peanut butter on each one AND THEN put them together, to be served with iron packed banana slices. TASTY & HEALTHY.

These are 3 Easy BODYBUILDING snacks for students and office people

Next in line we have our nutritious Lunch time snack, “Chick Peas Salad!” For his tangy delight,

– All you need is boiled ChickPeas, Chopped Tomatoes and Onions to be served with a Fresh garnish of Lime and some salt to taste, I promise you, maintaining your health while satisfying your cravings couldn’t get any more tastier than this!
At last, for my protein packed dinner snack recipe, we have an equally easy but only a tad bit more sophisticated, “Peanut butter & Yoghurt Dip with Veggies.”

– This under 5 minutes snack can be just as easily whipped with only three ingredients. Peanut Butter
A standard bowl of Yoghurt
And any fruit or vegetable of your choice, I am taking apples here.

All you have to do now, is whip together peanut butter & yoghurt to make a super quick dip and cut up your choice of Veggie to be had with this lip smacking and protein packed dip!
And there you go, your quick and super easy High protein snacks which you can put together and have on the go!

My Fitness’s Peanut Butter makes for THE perfect supplement to integrate in your HIGH Protein snacks. Made with A Grade export quality peanuts, Pink Himalayan Salt and no artificial sweeteners, This Peanut Butter spread is so versatile that you can easily integrate it with countless quick snack recipes to complete your protein intake for the day with MINIMUM effort!!

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