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The Charcoal Snake Method for Charcoal Grills Including a Proper Firestarter. Keep consistent heat for as long as you need on your cook with a ring of charcoals complimented with chips of wood. (For a list of the items we use, scroll to bottom of description)

– Place the charcoal so they are lightly touching each other
– Keep several inches of gap between the head and the tail
– Angle the wood chips toward the center of the grill
– For more smoke, add wood chips on top of the grate
– Top and bottom vents start half way open
– Practice a snake before doing an actual cook

Kingsford Charcoal Bin –
Knife Bag –
Meat Thermometer –
Seasoning Shaker –
Knife Set –
Trimming Knife –
Brisket Knife –
Wireless Thermometer –
Fire Gloves –
Firestarter –
Adjustable Height Table –
XL Brine Bags –
Propane Turkey Fryer –
Caulking Tools, Smoother and Remover –
Disposable Grill Topper (12 Pack) –
Natural Wood Grill Cleaner –
Instant Pot –
Sous Vide –
Sous Vide Tub –
Vacuum Sealer –

26 inch Weber Kettle –
22 inch Weber Kettle –
Enclosed Ash Catcher –
Craycort Grill Grate –
Charcoal Chimney –
Charcoal Baskets –

Glencairn Glass –
Glencarin Glass Set of 12 –
Water Dropper –

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