The steak accordion (I did something bad)

The steak accordion (I did something bad)

Maximizing the crust on a steak is always a priority. The most effective method I’ve found is to dry brine. Salt the steak several hours or ideally a day before cooking and place on a rack in the fridge – the salt will fully absorb leaving the exterior completely dry. With less moisture on the surface of the steak, the crust becomes stronger and more flavorful.

Another way to maximize the crust is to increase the surface area. It’s the same reason why I strongly prefer regular French fries to thick potato wedges. Fries have more surface area per volume, leading to more crunch and seasoning per bite.

This is what I was going for in this video. The surface area of the steak exposed to the grill is significantly higher, which means more seasoning and crust per bite. There is however a major drawback.

The accordion shape leads to a steak that has become “thinner” and thus cooks faster. This means less time on the grill. So despite the greater surface area, it has less time for the crust to develop. I found that dry brining and an extremely hot grill will help. Whether you consider it to be practical or not, it’s definitely a fun process to try!
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