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Why Fruit Smoothies Make You Sick and Fat

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Smoothies are widely thought to be an easy way to eat healthfully. But at what cost? Bad things happen when drinking blended fruit, because the dynamic between soluble and insoluble fiber has been destroyed. To make things worse, modern fruit contains magnitudes more SUGAR than its ancestors. Compounding the problem via rapid shipping, is the ubiquity of massively sweet fruit.

1:04 [ It’s all about fiber ]
1:20 [ What is solvable fiber? ]
1:30 [ What is insoluble fiber? ]
1:50 [ Why you need both kinds of fiber ]
2:06 [ KEY POINT! ]
3:00 [ Why Smoothies and Juices are dangerous! ]
4:14 [ How fruit can make you FAT! ]
5:13 [ Modern fruit is NOT NORMAL ]
5:58 [ Deadly consequences of too much fruit ]
6:54 [ Modern fruit bred for sweetness ]
7:19 [ Risks SUMMARY ]
7:40 [ Solutions SUMMARY ]

– Robert Lustig
– Robert Lustig
– Robert Lustig

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