Mexican Brisket + The Best Taco Ever

This “Mexican” Brisket recipe is the beef version of our wildly popular Mexican Pulled Pork recipe that we launched in 2022. A savory pulled pork recipe that is a stark contrast to the sweet pulled pork that I grew up on in the Deep South. That recipe and YouTube video are so popular that the technique made its way into our BBQ Schools.

The history behind the Mexican pulled pork recipe comes from conversation with my competition BBQ buddy Sean Woodson. Woody came up with this savory recipe years ago. We have joked that just because you use hot sauce and fajita seasoning that the recipe “isn’t all the Mexican” since it in no way is any sort of traditional Mexican dish. However, the recipe needs a name, and we can’t think of anything better. Plus, it is super good!

We figured that Mexican pulled pork concept had to be tried on brisket, and well the result were phenomenal! The resulting chopped brisket can be used on all sorts of dishes like tacos, nachos or sandwiches

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