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Easy One-Pot Chicken Dinner Recipe | Home Movies with Alison Roman

I have written many chicken recipes in my life (have eaten hundreds, likely thousands of chickens) and sure, I think they’re all great, but I’m only human and of course do have favorites. This recipe for One-Pot Chicken with Caramelized Lemon and Dates is one of them.

Bone-in, skin-on chicken (parts or a whole bird) seared in a pot (one pot!), lemon slices are caramelized in the chicken fat along with quartered shallots (you can use red onion, too) then dates and thyme are added along with a bit of water to create a little shallow braising liquid to finish cooking the meat. The chicken itself is crispy, juicy and braise-y all at once with a very tangy, salty, sweet, bitter and chicken-y sauce to bathe in, and honestly just an absolute dream of a one-pot dinner (did I mention this all happens in one pot? It does!).

This sassy number first appeared in Nothing Fancy ( and in my opinion is one of the best ways to roast a chicken when you’ve exhausted your enthusiasm for simple roast chicken (which— maybe you haven’t? I don’t blame you). It’s a special chicken (aren’t they all?), feeling more complex and complicated than it is, tasting like it’s got a lot more ingredients than it does.

I modified the recipe that appears in the book to be more *weeknight friendly* which by, I mean, more quarantine-friendly because no longer are we out of time, per se, we’re mostly just out of a reason to care about anything and the apathy is setting in at record levels and even though the hours are bleeding together and nobody knows what day it is and of course we HAVE the time, maybe you just don’t WANT to wait for a whole chicken to roast– I get that!

So, instead of a whole chicken, this recipe uses parts. But you can do it either way– for both recipe options, head here ( As for what to serve it with, you could do any sort of starchy thing your heart desires (steamed rice, toasted bread, boiled or roasted potatoes) and a lemony green salad with herbs. Or, you know, the chicken alone. Thanks for tuning in!


0:00 Start
0:10 Home Movies with Alison Roman intro
0:21 Intro to One Pot Chicken with Dates and Caramelized Lemon
0:40 Assemble the ingredients for the sauce
1:25 Seasoning the chicken
1:55 Continue assembling the ingredients for the sauce
3:14 Searing the chicken
3:45 Prep the ingredients for the sauce
5:07 Heat up the oven
5:17 Take out 2/3 of the chicken from the pot
5:28 Add the lemons and shallots to the chicken
6:15 Put the chicken back in the pot
6:39 Add the dates to the pot
6:55 Add water to the pot
7:32 Place the pot in the oven (no lid)
7:56 Remove the pot from the oven
8:44 Serving the one pot chicken
9:33 Tasting the one pot chicken
10:20 Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions

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Director/Editor: Daniel Hurwitz
Director of Photography: Charlie Gruet
Sound: Brian Cushin

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