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Juicer vs Blender | Which is healthier and right for me?

“Which is better— blending smoothies or juicing?” Well that depends on why you want to blend or juice and what you blend or juice.

Here at Simple Green Smoothies, we love to blend, and we are 100% green smoothie advocates because it’s an easy and healthy lifestyle to maintain— especially with super busy schedules.

But we also know green smoothies are not the only way to live an awesome, healthy life.

Both smoothies and raw, fresh juices are very easy and delicious ways to infuse your body with lots of healthy nutrients, and to ingest those 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruits we’re recommended to eat daily.


00:00​ Intro
00:28​ Juicing Tips
01:12 Best Ingredients to Juice
01:31 Cons of Juicing
01:56​ How to Clean your Juicer
02:04 Benefits of Juicing
02:39 Benefits of Blending
03:00 Pouring Smoothie into Jar with Fiber
03:32 How to Clean your Blender
04:00 Juicer vs Blender

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