What My Toddler Eats in a Week | 1-YEAR-OLD MEAL IDEAS

Join me (and my 18-month old) for a week of meals. I’m sharing what my toddler eats in a week with some 1-year-old meal ideas. So, if you’re looking for some toddler meal ideas, hopefully, this video will help! Today I’m going to show you what my toddler eats in a day! I’m sharing some little tips and tricks I use for feeding my toddler and exposing him to new foods. Like all toddlers, he has good weeks and off weeks when it comes to eating, but these are the daily meals I use that work for me!
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Nurture Life Toddler Meals:
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Ezpz Happy Mat:

Ezpz Happy Bowl:

Béaba Suction Plate:

EzPz mini utensils:
If your child is still learning how to use utensils suggest the Grabease set:

Secura stainless steel straw cup:

Contigo straw cup for his smoothies:

360 Miracle Cups is what we use for milk:

Ezpz Open Cup- (the BEST toddler open cup).

ChooMee Pouch Toppers:

Lalo Highchair:

Miles’ Learning Tower: This is the learning tower you saw Miles standing on in the kitchen.

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