Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe–PART 2–Kolkata Christmas Plum Cake at Home–Calcutta Anglo-Indian Recipe

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The classic Calcutta fruitcake—a fixture in many homes around Christmas-time—is a rum-soaked, fruit-and-nut encrusted indulgence. Fruitcakes are a big deal in Calcutta. Come Christmas, shops spring up all over the city selling Christmas cakes, or ‘Borodin’er cake’. The tradition of baking, gifting, and eating plum cakes around Christmas is an old one, popularised in Kolkata by bakers like Nahoum and Saldanha to a wider section of the population. Families celebrating Christmas soak their dried fruits weeks in advance and book their slots with their local bakers for community baking of their cakes. Making a Christmas fruitcake at home is easy, to say nothing of rewarding. Such fruitcakes contain their characteristic booze-soaked fruits, are full of textured nuts, all of which can be customised in dozens of ways. In this recipe, we show you how to bake an indulgent Christmas fruitcake at home.

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Soak fruits for Christmas cake:

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