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Healthy Eating Tips: How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out on a Diet | Keri Glassman

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Can you still dine out when you’re trying to diet? Yes! Eating healthy is a lifestyle, and you can’t live your healthiest life hiding at home. Here are a few tips so you can still dine out, try new foods, and stick to your fun, social life! Whether you dine out once a month, once a week, or three times a week, use these tips to help you take your dining out up a notch.

Tips for Dining Out:

Ruin Your Appetite: About an hour to an hour and a half before you go out, eat something to cut the hunger so you don’t get to the restaurant and dive head first into the breadbasket. Try a snack with a little protein such as a hardboiled egg, 15 almonds, or 2 slices of turkey and a big glass of water.

Be a Trendsetter: Have you ever noticed that when the first person orders something a little naughty, the rest of the table follows? If the first person orders something healthy, you’ll be surprised at how many people follow suit. So jump on in with your order first and choose the thing on the menu that’s the healthiest.

Skip the First Drink: Skip the first alcoholic drink and start with a glass of seltzer. It’s an easy way to cut down on the alcohol for the evening.

Order a Veggie Side Dish Instead of an Appetizer: If there isn’t a side or soup that’s fairly clean and simple, check out the veggie side dishes. Often something like broccoli rabe or green beans will be the better choice for a first course.

Split a Protein Entree OR Order a Protein Appetizer as your Entree: Usually the appetizer portion is the perfect choice . If there isn’t anything appealing to you, then split a main dish with a friend.

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