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local genius fails to make a simple smoothie for 17 minutes straight

Alivia D’andrea’s video:

Creator of the amogus vid: @screechyaurora on twitter

hello assolots

Now I know you thought I’d reached my maximum power when I opened a hair salon, but you would be wrong. I have ventured into the land of cooking, the land of chef and culinary. Today I make a smoothie, or a milkshake, I honestly don’t know the difference. Tomorrow, another cult

Critical thinking skills were definitely in play here, crushing chocolate bars and freezing frozen bananas- come with me as I show the world my true potential.

Gordon Ramsay shut down the infamous show Hell’s Kitchen because he knew the potential I had. He could smell it light years away. He saw the passion in my eyes all the way from London. That’s right mr Ramsay, I’m coming for your Michelin stars, I’m bringing the world my food and shakes and drinks and no one can stop me

Edit: nevermind so apparently Hell’s Kitchen is still ongoing

Yes I do the cooking yes I do the cleaning

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