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Protein Salad | प्रोटीन सलाद | Weight Loss Recipe | Sprouts Salad Recipe | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

This is a very healthy प्रोटीन सलाद made with all vegetarian items. Sprouted Black Chana and Green moong is mixed with cottage cheese along with onions, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, raw mangoes and spiced with black pepper, black salt and lemon. This high protein easy to make Protein Salad is so tasty and is very good for pregnant women, kids and everybody. Loaded with high proteins, this nutritious salad is super yummy to fill up your bellies!

“0:00 introduction
0:50 take Black Chana
0:58 Add water
2:49 Add sprouted Black Chana
3:01 Add green moong
3:12 Add Cottage Cheese
3:31 Add chopped onions
3:36 add chopped tomatoes
3:40 Add chopped coriander
3:51 Add roasted peanuts
4:05 Add raw mangoes
4:18 add black salt”

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1 cup Tata Sampann Kala Chana
¾ cup green moong
200 grams cottage cheese (paneer), cut into small cubes
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 medium tomato, finely chopped
2 tbsps freshly chopped coriander leaves + for garnish
¼ cup roasted skinless peanuts + for garnish
1 tbsp raw mango, chopped + for garnish
Black salt to taste
2 tsps roasted cumin powder
2-3 green chillies, chopped
¼ tsp black pepper powder
½ tsp chaat masala
1 lemon, cut into half


1. Soak Kala Chana overnight and drain. In a damp muslin cloth, add the chana in it and form a bag. Hang it overnight and let them sprout. Similarly, sprout the green moong as well.
2. In a large bowl, add Tata Sampann Sprouted Kala Chana, sprouted green moong,paneer cubes, onion, tomato, chopped coriander, roasted peanuts, raw mango, black salt and roasted cumin powder.
3. Add green chillies, black pepper powder and chaat masala. Squeeze lemon and mix till well combined.
4. Transfer the prepared salad into serving bowls, garnish with chopped coriander, raw mango, and roasted peanuts. Serve immediately.

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