7 HEALTHY INDIAN VEGETARIAN SNACKS | Quick + Easy Indian Veg Snack Recipes


Are you looking for some healthy Indian vegetarian snack options that are quick and easy to make at home in the evenings? Well, I bring you just that in today’s video.

It’s not true that Indian veg snacks are low in protein or can’t be healthy. These Indian evening snacks recipes that I bring you are not just healthy, they are vegetarian recipes, also taste great, they are also a good source of protein. Replacing your junk food with these healthy snacks in the evenings, and it will bring you high energy, weight loss, and health unlimited!! Do give these 7 vegetarian snacks a try, you can make them on 7 evenings of the week  They are all very quick and easy Indian snacks recipes. Detailed recipes for the 7 snacks given in the video-

0:00 Intro
0:50 1st Snack option
01:59 2nd Snack option
03:11 3rd Snack option
04:03 4th Snack option
05:26 5th Snack option
06:49 6th Snack option
07:57 7th Snack option

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay productive!!!

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