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ADHD healthy DIET HACKS !!! | My (40 pounds) weight loss SECRETS REVEALED!!!!!

In this video I will share my secret ADHD healthy diet tips and how to stay consistent with your healthy diet. People with ADHD like myself have a hard time following a healthy diet and we find it really hard to stay consistent. In this video I will give you the best ADHD healthy diet tips that you can start applying right away to reach your goals. You will find tips on how to control your impulsivity, how to properly make a adhd shopping list before you do your shopping. You will also learn some of the hacks I discovered when I did adhd and keto. You will also learn how to stop compulsive eating and some amazing adhd weight loss tips. You can find some adhd foo choices and use the methods in this video to apply and start a healthy diet NOW!

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0:00 Intro
0:25 My Weight Loss
0:57 ADHD & Obesity
1:57 Hunger
2:50 Carbohydrates
3:30 Impulsivity Solution
4:05 Diet & Exercise Program
4:21 Exercise vs. ADHD
4:55 Sleep vs ADHD

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