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7 Days of Cooking Easy Healthy Meals Off Grid in the Desert (Van)

How cooking off grid in your van or RV is easier than you think with 7 days of healthy meals that I cook in the desert in my van – and you can lose weight! *The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

I’ve lived in my van for over 3.5 years and been RVing for almost 5 years so I’ve learned how to cook healthy meals using my propane stove and Instant Pot. I’ve also recently been losing weight with Noom so it’s imperative that I continue losing weight and eating healthy. I hope this inspires you to cook more at home in whatever setting you’re in, whether it’s a van, RV, or your traditional sticks and bricks home.

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00:00 Intro to van life cooking off grid healthy meals
00:48 What is off grid camping?
01:09 How to meal prep being off grid?
01:26 Is it safe to use propane inside the van?
02:24 Day 1: Easy Instant Pot healthy meal
04:04 Day 2: Typical off grid breakfast – super easy
04:19 What’s the best and worst thing cooking in the van?
06:02 Off grid living – what do I do?
06:43 Typical off grid lunch
07:49 Day 3 lunch from the Emerald City
12:52 Intuitive cooking – I messed up
13:27 Day 4: Quick & easy “bowls”
15:08 Day 5: Healthy meal for weight loss
18:15 Day 6: Rice Noodle Salad bowl & reducing smells in the van
20:16 Day 7: Healthy breakfast with English muffins

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★ My Story
Hi, I’m Amber and in May 2017 I started full time RV living. I started this nomadic journey after selling my house and all my belongings to pursue this crazy dream of traveling full time in an RV and creating incredible memories.

After 1 year of traveling, I sold my 26 foot Winnebago Class C RV for a more nimble Class B van on a Promaster 2500 chassis. Now in my 5th year of RVing in my camper van, I’m still loving this RV lifestyle and being a digital nomad. I almost always boondock in nature and really enjoy that off grid living.

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