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After raiding the local shops and finding a lot of smoothie makers and only massive, high end juicers Nina got a compact juicer from eBay.

The brand is “Klarstein”, based in Berlin.

Given the juicer was very reasonably priced I was positively surprised, especially by how easy to use and clean it is. Think that’s a vital point to keep using kitchen equipment.

The feed opening is wide enough for apple quarters etc, which saves a lot of time chopping up fruit and vegetables. It’s also long enough to keep your fingers safe in case you stuff spinach in there using your hands. Oops. (don’t do this at home!)

So far the juicer has smoothly and quickly extracted the juice from any fruit or vegetables I’ve put in and I can recommend it to anyone who is after a rather compact and good value for money juicer

BONUS: Lisa’s life hack! You can put a bag in your juicer’s waste bucket to make cleaning even faster and freeze the pulp for when you want to use it for example in carrot cake 👍

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