Open Fire Cooking, Grilling Hacks & Trying the Arby’s Wagyu Burger — Season 5: Episode 19

On today’s episode of the HowToBBQRight Podcast, Malcom recently had some friends from Crank It Up Grills come down to The Shop, and give him his very own Argentine Style Grills. He threw down some Dry-Aged Tri-Tips, Street Tacos and all kinds of delicious goodness… Malcom and I also answer some questions about Grilling Tips & Tricks from our Let’s Get to Cookin’ Community on Facebook. Finally, Arby’s has an ALL-NEW menu item – the Arby’s Wagyu Burger, and Malcom just HAD to try it…

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00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Palmer Home Campaign is now in FULL Effect
01:54 – August is Looking a Little Fishy…
04:08 – Return of the COOLER!
04:58 – Local Events with a Side of Demos
07:28 – Grinder Sandwiches are INSANELY Good
09:06 – Malcom’s Blackstone Grinder Idea
12:02 – Malcom’s FAVORITE Grill type
13:52 – Cranking It Up with NEW Grills
16:05 – How Many Grills DOES Malcom Have?!
25:00 – What’s the difference between Dry Aging and Wet Aging?
30:19 – What Grill is CRANKING up to make the best food?
41:12 – What are our thoughts on Ceramic Pellet Grills?
47:06 – Arby’s Wagyu burgers- is it worth it?
49:26 – Malcom’s Wagyu Burger
53:30 – Answering YOUR burning questions!
1:04:32 – Valhalla, Community Contests, and Demos, oh my!

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