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Grill Master Randy heard rumblings of a smoked brisket recipe that goes slightly hotter and faster than the typical low-and-slow cook, so he couldn’t help but give it a try. Now you can too, thanks to Randy’s detailed demonstration of how to smoke a brisket! The Primo Oval XL kamado was his grill of a choice — an excellent selection not only for its high level of performance, but also because its unique shape accommodates the hulking 17-pound (!) brisket Randy smokes to perfection. First things first, Randy shows you how to trim the brisket and how to handle the hard fat versus the soft fat found these heavenly cuts of meat. Then it’s loading the grill with applewood chunks and the BBQ smoking accessories you need to pull off this brisket recipe. With all the easy stuff out of the way, it’s time to endure the hardest part of the whole process: waiting. When it’s all said and done, though, you’ll have created the kind of glistening and dripping smoked brisket that’ll keep guests coming back for more!

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Kamado Setup for Smoking
0:45 – How to Trim Brisket
1:20 – Stabilizing Temp
1:31 – Seasoning Brisket
1:35 – Brisket Smoking Temp
1:50 – Adding Smoking Wood
1:59 – Indirect Heat Setup for Kamado
2:11- Water Pan Ingredients
2:33 – Brisket Goes on the Grill
2:45 – 2 Hour Check
3:02 – 6 Hour Check & Spritz
3:20- 8 Hour Check
3:31 – 9 Hour Mark
3:42 – Wrapping the Brisket
4:01 – Back on the Smoker
4:15 – Brisket Is Done at 200F
4:39 – Unwrapping it
4:53 – Brisket Slicing
5:20 – Juicy Brisket
5:49 – Tasting

Smoked Brisket Recipe:

Primo Oval XL:

Primo Indirect Heat Deflectors:

Primo Deflector Rack:

Primo Quicklights:

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Featuring: Randy Watson
Filmed/ Produced by: Paris Frederick

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