Spice up your weekend with Japanese BBQ Sauce! Chef Saito’s Washoku Tips

Spice up your weekend with Japanese BBQ Sauce! Chef Saito’s Washoku Tips

The reason Chef Saito is in his kitchen at this difficult time is his restaurant operate takeaway and delivery services.
He and his team film this during their break time.
He and his team take social distancing and hygiene extremely seriously while filming this and during the operation of the kitchen.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Chef Saito Channel!
This is a new series we attempt to make popular Japanese food at home.
If you have any food you would like Chef Saito to try please let us know.

In this episode Chef Saito is showing us how to make Japanese BBQ sauce!
Please try this at your next bbq! I can guaranty you will enjoy it 120%!

Below are the ingredients.

Red Wine 80ml
Water 100ml
Pineapple juice 140ml
Soya sauce 100ml
Miso paste 30g
Salt 5g
Black pepper 4g
Honey 120g
Brown sugar 20g
Chilli powder 2g
Onion 150g
Garlic 15g
Ginger powder 5g
White sesame 8g

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