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Tasty “Booster Fuel” Protein Smoothies Made From New Energy Drink

Booster Fuel Protein Drink is new on the market and already winning rave reviews. It’s formulated with Calcium caseinate, a slow acting protein. What this means is when you drink Booster Fuel Protein Drink, you feel full for hours because it digests slowly. Based solely on this fact, several customers have lost more than 5 lbs in less than 2 weeks.

Doctors are already recommending slow acting protein for their weight loss patients. Check out the testimonials at

It’s called Booster Fuel Protein Drink and it actually taste good! For more details Go to

This is the perfect drink for weight loss of the Calcium caseinate’s slow acting properties. Because it takes longer to digest, your stomach is full longer, meaning you won’t eat as much during the day…

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