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Simple and Healthy-ish Diet Food Hacks 2020

Simple and Healthy-ish Diet Food Hacks 2020. If you’re anything like me, spending over 15 minutes cooking a single meal is a huge hassle and something I’d prefer avoiding. To help simplify my eating, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite covid snacks for Youtube!

If you’re new around here, Hi! I’m Hyunju and I’m on a personal journey to get healthier and turnaround this mess of a year we call 2020. To try and salvage the rest of quarantine, I will be focusing on improving my health with my Tempo (strength training machine), Peloton (cardio/biking), and good ol’ healthy eating. I will upload new videos on Youtube every Wednesday to hopefully provide motivation for you guys and also keep myself accountable 🙂

Time Marks:
2:04 – Breakfast
2:07 – Smoked Salmon Salad

3:40 – Beverages
4:11 – Sparkling Water & Water Drops
4:20 – Matcha Green Tea Latte

4:53 – Snacks
4:57 – Banana Milk
5:49 – PB & Honeycrisp Apple
* 6:27 – Drizzilicious!! * (

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