4 Apples and 10 Minutes for this Delicious Apple Cake❗️ Simple and Delicious Cake Recipe❗️

Prepare 4 apples and 10 minutes for this delicious and easy apple cake!
Everyone is looking for this recipe! An apple cake that melts in your mouth!
Today I bake a simple cake with apples. This quick apple cake is soft, tender and prepared in 10 minutes! When I have apples and want to have a delicious apple cake, I like to make this very quick and simple recipe. Easy and delicious! Have fun!
The main ingredient: a lot of love❤️
*** The recipe: (baking pan size: 20cm)
2 / eggs
65g / granulated sugar (1/3 cup & 1+1/4tbsp)
8g / vanilla sugar ( 1tsp)
A pinch of salt
Mix well
100ml / milk
40ml / vegetable oil
80g / all-purpose flour (1/3 cup& 4+3/4tbsp)
10g / baking powder ( 1+1/2tsp)
Mix well
1 teaspoon / orange zest
3-4 / sweet apples
Pour into the batter and mix well!
Bake in the preheated oven at 180 ° C / (356 ° F) for 50-55 minutes!
Bon Appetit!


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