7 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Week (Vegetarian)

7 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options for the Week (Vegetarian)

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In this video, I share with you 7 Healthy and tasty Breakfast options that anyone can make. While selecting the breakfast options my priority has been the least cooking time, bringing something new to your breakfast table and of course practicality.

01:09 – #7 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – Need a break from the regular Idlis? Try this. With the goodness of vegetables and spices, it is not just super tasty but healthy and a filling breakfast option
03:01 – #6 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – If you are a parantha lover, you will enjoy this one. With loads of protein and essential nutrients, this authentic Indian parantha is worth a try.
04:42 – #5 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – This is among the tastiest breakfast options you will eat. A well-balanced meal with complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and vitamins, might become your favourite breakfast option.
06:12 – #4 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – Poha is one of the most loved breakfast options in India. But this one is a notch above due to the base used – the healthiest variety of rice. Sumptuous as well.
07:40 – #3 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – If you hardly get the time to cook your breakfast, this one is for you. A well-balanced smoothie which is sweet and tasty.
08:28 – #2 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – You love dosas but are bored of the regular ones, then this is what you should try. Super healthy with the goodness of mixed lentils and an easy nutritious chutney along, you will like it.
10:19 – #1 Quick & Healthy Indian Breakfast Option – If you are looking for a light, no-cooking, breakfast which is healthiest among all, this is it – by a distance.

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I wish you good health.
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