Summer Grilling Hacks: Walking Burger Bar

We’re kicking off the summer season just in time for Memorial Day weekend with some fun, entertaining ideas.

Go Buffet Style
Buffet style is easy for hosts and more enjoyable for guests. The buffet allows your guest to decide what they want to eat without you having to serve it. We’ve made a walking burger bar inspired by the well-known walking taco. You can use Reynolds Wrap to make walking burger foil pouches, which provide a customizable way for your guests to personalize their favorite summer BBQ staple.

Making Foil Pouches
Step 1: Place a 12-by-12-inch piece of Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil on your workspace.
Step 2: Fold over the torn edges about 1 inch to create a smooth edge. Fold the foil in half.
Step 3: Triple-fold each open side about 1 inch to seal the sides of the packet, and you’ve got yourself a walking burger pouch.

Assembling Walking Burger Bar
First, lay a long piece of Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty foil down the middle of the table, then lay all ingredients and toppings down. Finally, let your guests grab one of the pre-made walking burger foil pouches and add their protein of choice. When it’s all done, roll up your foil. And voila, you’re done without fuss or mess.

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