Traeger Hacks

Three Traeger pellet grill hacks I think make an awesome grill even better.

NextLED Ultimate BBQ Grill Light,…

Wooden Dowel Rods – 1″ x 36″…

GOBAM Extra Large Bamboo Shower…

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Traeger is the highest quality premium brand pellet grill I have ever used. The evenness of heating, heating retention and low pellet consumption are all reasons I will only use Traeger grills and accessories for my pellet grill cooking. Their warranty and customer service is excellent and they are very responsive via chat, email or phone. Also the app is one of the most technologially current apps I have used. For example, the app notifies you the grill has reached the set temperature even if you have not launched the app. Details like this put Traeger above the rest in my book.

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