How To Make Easy Banana Pudding Recipe

Easy Banana Pudding GET RECIPE: This is my go-to easy banana pudding recipe when I need a simple, quick and fail-proof dessert to serve to a big crowd. It doubles wonderfully and everybody loves this stuff! Yep even my southern “gotta be made from scratch or die” family members. The ingredients are super simple; vanilla pudding, cool whip, sour cream, milk, nilla wafers, and bananas!

Don’t let that sour cream scare ya! It balances everything out BEAUTIFULLY so that the pudding is not cloyingly sweet. I can eat lots of this stuff which probably isn’t a good thing.

You can arrange this banana pudding any way you like. I always stick the way I do it in the video but sometimes I’ll decorate the top with crushed cookies. I’ve made this using chessman cookies as well but I always go back to my good ol’ Nilla wafers!!

Make this banana pudding today and let me know how you like it!

Banana Pudding Ingredients Used:
3-6 bananas
2 (3.4 oz) box instant Vanilla pudding
2 cups of milk
1 box of Nilla Wafers (You won’t need the whole box, unless you just really like nilla wafers)
8 oz. container of Cool Whip
8 oz. container of sour cream

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Music by Kevin Macleod

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