Banana Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Treat

This delicious banana sweet snack is made with ingredients that are commonly available in our kitchen. Ripe plantain/banana and bread are the main ingredients for making this sweet treat.

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SUGAR is optional in all steps and can be replaced with honey to make this healthier.

Ripe plantain recipes and bread recipes are always kids favorites. Isn’t it? Like banana fritters, French toast, bread rolls etc. So here is a lovely twist to these snacks. This banana bread toast or sweet bread rolls is one of the best snack box recipes for school going kids. As it is prepared with simple ingredients this has got to be the easiest snack recipe and it never fails.

So here is the recipe showing how to make easy bread snack/ sweet snack recipes/ banana bread toast/ french toast/ yummy snack box/ kids recipes. This is also one of the easiest snacks which can be prepared for the school going kids and it is also one of the easiest iftar / Ramadan snack recipes.

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