Easy Backpacking Meals On A Budget

Cheap backpacking food and meal ideas are important for those who are trying to save money while still enjoying all that the backcountry has to offer. Especially if you are spending a significant amount of days in the wilderness or have a family of mouths to feed ever day. In this video, backcountry enthusiasts Marcus Hockett and Kara Landolfi go over some of their go-to meals and snacks that they’ve learned.

They both spend significant amounts of time in the mountains of Montana as well as across the West. So along their adventures they’ve learned some tricks for meals that taste great, provide nutrients and still don’t break the bank.

From homemade oatmeals, to a variety of couscous options, there are plenty of ideas to implement into your trips if you’re looking to save money and not only buy expensive freeze-dried meals.

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