10 Important BBQ Tips for Beginners

In this video i’ll be telling you my TOP 10 BBQ tips for beginners!
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If you are new to BBQ and want to learn some great tips to start you on your journey, then stick around because i’m about to show you.

In the video, we’ll cover off the below:

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – BBQ Tip #1 – High Heat Gloves
01:11 – BBQ Tip #2 – Enclosed Shoes
02:12 – BBQ Tip #3 – Clean Your BBQ
02:55 – BBQ Tip #4 – Inspect and Maintain Your Equipment & Accessories
03:54 – BBQ Tip #5 – Get a Charcoal Chimney Starter
04:37 – BBQ Tip #6 – Meat Thermometers
05:07 – BBQ Tip #7 – Cook to Internal Temperature and Feel
06:24 – BBQ Tip #8 – Use Good Quality Fuel, Wood & Meat
08:03 – BBQ Tip #9 – Cook How You Like to Cook & Eat
08:49 – BBQ Tip #10 – Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions & Research

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