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Don't Make Fruit Smoothies WITHOUT knowing THIS – How to Make the BEST Smoothie

Making fruit smoothies without knowing these essential tips can lead to a DISASTER! Learn how to make the BEST smoothie ever right now… Get a free 3-day meal plan for active females here:

Too many of us think that making a smoothie is as simple as putting a bunch of fruit in a blender and just putting in a scoop of protein powder. Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually make for a healthy smoothie.

What happens when a protein shake or smoothie is only made up of blended fruit and protein powder?

Well, with mostly fruit in the smoothie we end up with a ton of sugar that is quickly digested. This leads to a big spike and then BIG drop in energy.

Then the bigger problems set in…Fatigue, increased body fat, gut issues, and more!

If you’re looking for the best smoothie recipe ever, it all starts with paying close attention to 5 crucial components of making a good smoothie that taste great AND is actually good for you too. Whether it’s a green smoothie or banana smoothie, it is essential to make sure you add the appropriate components to balance the smoothie out so that it digests slowly and provides a steady balance of energy.

Here are timestamps for you below for your convenience:
0:50 – Tip 1 Be sure to add adequate amounts of protein to your smoothie
2:17 – Tip 2 ALWAYS include some plant-based fat in your protein shake and smoothies (consider these top plant-based fats…)
3:15 – Tip 3 Keep fruit in moderation & things to consider when adding fruit to smoothies
4:24 – Tip 4 Spices for your smoothie and protein shakes for reducing inflammation
5:15 – Tip 5 Add dark leafy greens to smoothies for ultimate success


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