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Single Most Effective Diet Trick/Tip – Super Smoothies

Why You should do this everyday!
1.Proper nourishment will help manage and digest bad food/toxins much more effecient.
2.Each different fruit and vegetable helps maintain, heal and nourish a different system inside your body.
3.Increase in mental performance. Better at managing stress from outside circumstances. (boss, kids, job, wife, husband)
4.Aids fat loss. Especially when used with intermittent fasting.
5.Can be individualized and adjusted based on your specific needs or goals.
Full Smoothie Ingredients:
-cinnamon powder
-flax/chia/hemp seeds
-turmeric *
-celery root
-peanut butter
-red cabbage
-sweet potato leaf (from Garden)
-moringa leaf (from Garden)

-Nutrabio Grass Fed Whey:
– and/or Vegan Plant Protein:

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