5 BBQ Life Hacks I've Used for Years…but didn't tell you about!

I’ve bought a lot of BBQ equipment during my bbq life. Here are 5 BBQ Life Hacks that I’ve invested in that I have served me well but I haven’t really talked about much.

✅✅ Folding table leg extenders:
✅✅ White Butcher Paper
*For the record, I still use pink butcher paper for actual smoking (see below) but accidentally edited that part out of the video. I use white everything else. However, the manufacturer says the white is safe for smoking.
✅✅ Butcher Paper (pink)

My thermometer (best purchase ever!):
My Favorite “Leave-in” Thermometer:
7 Rubs Beginners should try:
Slicing Knife:
My Chef’s Knife:
“Flame Thrower”
Black Nitrile Gloves
Glove Liners
Favorite Kettle:
(w/ Slow ’N Sear):
Favorite Kamado:
Favorite Travel Kettle:
Favorite Offset Smoker
Favorite Pellet Grill
Weber Crap I recommend:
Amazing Music for Youtubers (click for free trial)!
Main Camera
2nd Camera
Main Microphone
Small Microphone
Amazing Selfie Stick
Video Gear Recommendations
Want a T-shirt?

*Disclosure and Attribution:
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